Saturday, November 12, 2011


It seems like have been so long writing diary  for me

Today i feel quite sad , because my friend said that i am a person who talking without thinking completely .
I feel like insulted .And at night , talked to kay and li yue, seems like they were very busy doing stuff, and this make me feel like 自取其辱 because of disturbing them .

Maybe sometimes think too much , but it doesn't really disturb my emotion , because i am used to it , i not really care about it . Time is the best panacea for me as all those things will gone , as i wake up tomorrow morning .

So much things have been happened around me because i am thinking many things , i am thinking is it worth for me just keep studying all these kind of boring stuff, and i always think that now i am training my mentality , it may improve my thinking skills . Sometimes i think about the future , but they always say that i am thinking too much and too far, i really not very agree with that , because i have my own authority , i have the own priority to make my own choice, that's why i think thinking future , will never a bad choice , i know it most of the times will oppose to my own inclination , but i still think tat it is imperative for everyone to pursue their own dream .

You are the always the apple on my eyes . The reason why i childish , because i like to be childish .

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  1. the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt. can skype me :)


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