Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stop Relying On Others.

People have their own lives filled with their own headaches, own problems, own mishaps and own successes. Friendship is great, but often doesn’t weather the storm. Be self-reliant. Be independent. We all find ourselves alone at several points throughout our lives. If you find yourself on your lonesome and don’t know how to deal with it because you are used to having constant support, then you will drown.

Stop Fearing Failure.

Failure is such a derogatory term… I don’t understand why. Failing is learning in the real world. There is only so much that you can read up about the way the world works, but true knowledge comes from experience. And no one gets it right the first time around. You failed. Great. Try it again. And again. And again. The more times you get it wrong, the more ways you know NOT to do it.

Stop Rejecting Prospective Partners Because Of Your Past Sh*tty Relationships.

You fell in love and had your heart broken; we all have. Luckily for you, now that you have experienced the pain of a broken heart, you have fully experienced the love cycle and can grow as an individual. Relationships, like the rest of life, are learning experiences. Don’t generalize and make yourself believe that all relationships end in heartache because that doesn’t have to be the case. Ultimately, you and your partner decide whether or not the relationship will work. Check your baggage at the door.

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself.

Life is tough for everyone. The richest of the rich have problems. The poorest of the poor have problems. We make problems for ourselves — they don’t exist outside of us. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start interacting with the world around you.
Don’t fix people; learn to deal with them and — I hate to say it — learn to manipulate them into doing what you want them to do; mind-f*ck them.

 Stop Being Ungrateful.

Statistically speaking, if you are reading this then most people in the world have it worse off than you do. That may not be very comforting…but consider that most of these people are likely to be happier than you. Happiness does not lie in the material, but in the immaterial. Be grateful for what you do have — especially those that play important parts in your life. You could be worse off and may very well be worse off some time in the future. Enjoy whatever prosperity you have.
Just make sure to be clear on what you need before you start going after what you want.

Stop Hating Yourself.

We are often too tough on ourselves. We hate ourselves for our failures and our inabilities — which makes no sense whatsoever. Failing is learning and inabilities can be turned into abilities with enough work and patience. Whatever you dislike about yourself can be changed… just be sure that it’s worth changing. My advice: learn to love yourself the way that you are. Changes are easier to make when you already have a good relationship with yourself.

Monday, September 9, 2013


這張是我們去打保齡球的時候拍的照,覺得她當天很漂亮。可是相機的素質實在太差了,所以感覺照片都不好看。在instagram 放了照片過後,其實我當時根本都沒有去想後果是怎樣, 結果現在的後果就是要自己承擔,大家就會一直keep 著問,我其實如果要跟每個人講的話,我會講得非常累。人之常情,大家都會有好奇心,大家都八卦,其實我非常感謝那些不會一直逼問我的人,如果我要讓他知道我必然會跟他講。可是也沒有責怪他人的意思,只是可能我這個人太怪癖吧。我不懂為什麼我會這樣,因為其實我一向來覺得自己開心就好,沒有必要去跟別人解釋太多。因為我會很壓力當每個人的聚光都在我身上。

她的名字叫13,其實以前初中就在一起過了, 但是puppy love 麻,所以就這樣咯。到了去年下半年,又開始聯絡了。每天都聊天,聊久了,就這樣咯。然後其實我做義工後,我們一起去台灣玩,玩得很開心,生命中暫時第一最快樂得旅途。其實我們都認定對方了,是在等著時間吧。祝願他們能夠又好的結果。阿門!



Thursday, August 22, 2013


我始終相信照片是最好的日記,不用寫太多,從照片中品嘗回憶,享受當時的感覺。可以說這趟旅程暫時是我人生中最快樂的旅程,至少遠離了很多課業的煩惱,將來的煩惱。即使是短短的 12 天又怎樣呢? 其實我真的很滿足了, 再多的遺憾雖然是有, 但是 會讓我 想要如何 去更 進步自己。21歲了 ,我怎樣看 都覺得自己真的 很幼稚 ,她怎麼看都覺得很成熟 。 因為 有我的存在她的旅程才變得那麼順順利利,而因為有她的存在我的旅程才會變得那麼地幸福快樂。我很低調,真的很低調,我只會跟我想要的朋友分享,如果有朋友想看,那麼我絕對會給他們看,因為我會希望他們也可以與我一起分享我的快樂,就是因為我朋友不多,所以我真的就只想讓 這些 朋友看 , 希望我的朋友也可以祝福我 。 

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