Monday, August 6, 2012

6 Aug 2012

Today went to Mei Fu -- MA KA LI Hospital microbiology department to do spread plate , it was damn boring and exhausting , we were doing the same things for 5 hours , damn crazy !! I feel like this UROP is irrelevant to Chemical Engineering , because only i know that my co-supervisor was major in bio-chemistry, no wonder Dr. Yeung always find bio-chemistry student for an internship , but the job is boring , i don't think this kind of internship will be that interesting . Dr. Yeung is chemical engineer , but until now i still don't know why he is approaching microbiology part . If really want to explain this is relevant to chemical engineering , that is the whole process about this product . Researching on the effects of the oils against bacteria is also included as a process, and we need to formulate it , and then the smell and odor needed to be popular among people , so that it can be sales in the market. This is the only way i can explain , but i don't really like have interesting about Microbiology. However, this is a lesson for me to learn , maybe i think it is useless for me , but who knows maybe it may somehow useful for my future.

Today still go to swim, but swim alone , i hope tomorrow morning i can go to swim too if i can wake up early , and swim tomorrow night , i want to balance my body under the water as fast as possible .
Today winsor suggested to have dinner before they leave hong kong , when he said that he have to ask Kow's suggestion , i feel hard to make decision, because i also want to invite Kok ling to come , so i intentionally mention that kok ling will come , but he just asked me to tell him to come . Now only i know that he doesn't know anything happen between them ......hope everything go wells

Attitudes decide everything , why i still have that attitude when i talk to him , i should not be like this ......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
This is really really really difficult to reach it ,  next semester i should take healthy lunch and avoiding golden rice 's food , too oily make me fall asleep easily.  Sometimes i really don't want to sleep , but haiz.......this is a very difficult task , hope that i can reduce the sleeping time in class every semester. 
Slowly going toward the trends. Still the same , first step is always the toughest one.

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