Thursday, August 23, 2012

20 Aug 2012


It was really fun in this day. Went to the peak and ocean park . I never go to the top in the peak , now i have the chance to go upstair , and i dont have to pay money , i was so glad that i can play while working. The annoying part is that you have to count the amount of the people in different starting point. There have 35 people , i always count mistakenly so that's why i need a group leader to help me. 

The weather today is very hot , although i was sweating all the way from the peak to ocean park , it was fun !  It was my first time standing on the top and i was looking down the view, honestly , i would rather choose the night view. When reaching Ocean park, we were like VIP guests, they treat us nicely . First ,we went to the Old hong kong street, everyone has 2 free coupons to play the games, i used it but i did not get any award or prize. They were so happy when playing those games, it was also my first time playing those games because Malaysia does not have this kind of entertainment activities. After that, we went to the panda house. It was also my first time seeing them eating , i never see them eating the bamboo before even i came twice before. Actually i really want to take photos , but i did not bring camera, and my handphone camera's quality is too low. Next , we went to south poles to see penguins, this is a new place in Ocean park . I really like it because it was first time , everything new was fresh and interesting , that's why i think we should always treasure our first time precisely, and first time is the fundamental of our experience. 

Then , we went to a restaurant to have our dinner. They had already planned not to follow the fixed schedule , all they wanted is to play not visiting around . And the tour guide from Ocean park also allowed us to go, we separate into several groups . I brought 5 people and played the water games , went to north poles , and yellow roller coaster. I did not expect that they also giving priority to VIP first, we did not have to line up there when playing roller coaster, the staff lead us a secret tunnel and played the game first. Wow, i never have this kind of VIP experience before , it was so exciting and fabulous, don't have to line up . Of course, some games we still have to line up . 

Before we departed from the Ocean park , they have the water show. It was also my first time watching that show , it was so nice . I have been saying that first time is always that fresh and new , that's why i think i like the ocean park trip that day  because we were treated like VIP , and we had explored many new things. At night , only ming jin want to take my facebook name , but i still can find the others in facebook . 

It was my last day duty , and it was my pleasure to cooperate with malaysia robocon team! Good experience !

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