Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 Aug 2012

I should have describe more what happened when i helped michelle moving stuff.  What impressed and shocked me was the hair all over on boor hung's stuff. I am wonder how come the hair can flew up on the boor hung's stuff. Boys can't accept dirty girl , i think neither girls accept dirty boys too . Maybe she just comb her hair on that boor hung's plastic bag. I heard that so many this kind of things relevant to them .

Today , i woke up at 525 am , and just want to check whether the Choi Hung  minibus got come so early or not , when i reach there , already 545 am like this , but i had waited so long until 610 am , there did not appear the minibus. Tomorrow morning i should wake up at 5 am and go to check , i have to ensure everything to prevent my lateness on friday to sunday. Nobody like someone late and violent the instructions. 

Today , unexpected day , i did not expect to go outside eat so much . But still hang out because michelle had come back. We went to wong da xian , with julie ,yuxian , including winsor and michelle. It is so expensive , 120 HKD per person, winsor ordered xin tai luan , i did not touch that thing , neither michelle too , but we paid for it , i know i should not have to bargain with him , but it is a little bit unhappy for spending so much. I don't know why , maybe i am selfish , i am not that generous , because in order to calculate easily , i did not mention and made an objection. I don't know why he did not say that he paid that for himself, he ordered something i did not like to eat , why i have to pay it ? Past is past , what i can do ? For me , i think something need to be fair , even we are friends , we all should deserve to pay for what we eat.  Not generous ?  I think the root problem is the relationship , friends will not care that much about this trivial matters , but why i care ? Actually i did not care so much at that time , but when i wrote out everything , is like i am very care . All just let it go , i don't want to think anymore !!!!!! This restaurant name is ......erm i really forgot , but overall it is better than other japanese food , but i still prefer other like vietnamese restaurant and japanese restaurant which opposite po lam mtr station.

Just now also helped Julie moved her things out from her room to new assigned dorm , so tired now . What happened to me ? I think i am very selfish and bad , also fake .........haiz.....I need time to improve and let me sleep now .

This is like what happened today , i should read this before it , i should remember it right now .
Learning from young to old.

I rarely use foul language, only when i am really angry .

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