Wednesday, August 25, 2010


few days ago , my sister doubt about the stealing.My maid had stole her things ,but she didnt confess it .and act like an actor , it just unbelievable ,how can a people steal something and then kneel down to her master:said that if i got steal your things please slap me , if i didnt steal your things ,dont need to slap me .i "swear to god" i had not steal your things .
She said she swear to god , i just cant believe it that she can just simply pledged herself .How would it be if that one is not a truth ?Is she going to be died ?Maybe we would treat unjustly to her ,but we didnt do anything to her , my sister just ignored her .Many of them will not confess about what they have done , but only regret after a few years ,like my before maid .She sent message to apologise for what she had done after we sent her out due to her cheating to us.

This few days , my class teacher not very happy about our attitude ,and she cried ,i just think that she need not to cry for what our class student have done --cheating in test, noisy.....more and more immature behaviour
.Maybe she is a woman that has such  a strong sense of responsibility to our class.

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